What is Smart Defense?

Smart Defense is a safety mechanism that works as an app in your mobile smart phone and that facilitates the generation of an emergency signal by the touch of a button on your pone. The signal is received in a dispatch center that will be able to call you back, assist you, locate you and dispatch the assistance that you might need no matter where you are, by identifying your location using your mobile´s geolocation tool.

How does Smart Defense services work?

When you acquire Smart Defense services, two components will be activated: the mobile app that you will download to your mobile device and the expert assistance from our monitoring and first response headquarters.

How can you locate me? Can I move?

Smart Defense´s safety device is linked to a mobile app that uses a geolocation mechanism associated to the GPS on your phone, that allows our team of experts to access to enough data to be able to identify where does your emergency signal come from in real time.

Our team will then reach you and/or a relative previously assigned by you and, if necessary, will contact the proper authorities. 

If you move, every time that you activate the signal, our safety experts at our monitoring and dispatch headquarters will update your location.

Does my phone need to fulfill any technical requirements?

Yes. Smart Defense only works with Smart phones. You must also have a data plan or be connected to a WiFi signal. It is imperative to have an internet connection. You must also activate your mobile´s GPS in order for you to be able to send the alarm signal and also for our safety experts to be able to locate you. 

Can anyone else follow my tracks when I activate Smart Defense´s signal?

No. Nobody, besides our safety experts at our Smart Defense headquarters and their associates will be able to track you. You will only be tracked and located once you send a distress signal by pressing your mobile app´s button.


On how many mobiles can I download Smart Defense?

The app can be downloaded to all your family member´s devices, as many times and devices as you might need. You can protect as many loved ones as you want or need. Ask one of our representatives for the special service package that better suits your needs.