We facilitate the means for you to Own Your Safety


We want to be the solution for your safety and better quality of life.

Leaders in safety logistics with the most advanced prevention tools and techniques. Our objective is to safeguard the physical integrity and wellbeing of all people.

You can be calm and count on our resource´s expertise and authority in the fields of risk and disturbance management, as well as our state of the art technical support for the most efficient and prompt response.
Led by the principle of prevention by means of pacific dissuasion and without violence. We have over two decades of experience in conflict management and excellent threat neutralization.

We offer our services to individuals, private companies and public offices and institutions.

Defensor PR relies on a robust team of professionals to guarantee the quality of service that you deserve.

Our monitoring systems are hosted in the safest and most trust worthy data center by the prestigious firm Netwave, guaranteed by Puerto Rico and the Caribbean´s technical service provider leader. Always on the vanguard of network monitoring and satellite vigilance services, our SmartDefense is anchored in SoftGuard´s international network.

Also, our expert consultants offer guidance services in industrial and organizational strategic planning to optimize the implementation of our services, from your family´s home to the most complex commercial structures.