Our Safety Services

Our Safety Services

In DEFENSOR we facilitate the means for you to Own Your Safety

With SmartDefense help is at the reach of your fingertips when, by activating an alarm on your mobile that corresponds to your situation, you connect directly and in real time with a safety representative at our monitoring headquarters. Our response and dispatch headquarters, operated by safety experts, is ready to serve you 24 hours 7 days a week to respond in a direct and personal way to your safety and assistance needs.

Obtain direct access in real time to the help of a safety expert and receive immediate assistance by just activating an alarm signal from your mobile phone


SOS In Danger

Allows you to send a signal to our DefensorCenter immediately alerting that your life or property is in danger. Press the panic button in a situation when your physical integrity or property is compromised. Your signal will be received at our DefensorCenter. Your coordinates will be provided by your mobile´s geolocation and a safety Defensor specialist will call you, verify your state, alert your emergency contact as well as the proper authorities.

Smart Group

network are located at all times. It also allows you to stablish safety geofences. You can configure new members and our monitoring center will be notified to add them to your group.

You can also use SmartFence, that allows you to configure virtual safety zones (geofences) inside your map in order to limit the radio of action of any member of your group. When any of your group´s members leaves the safety zone, you will receive a notification, thanks to our SmartComm feature


With SmartComm you can use a variety of communication tools to send and receive automated notifications, contact our DefensorCenter and any of your group´s members.


StreetSmart offers you a safety tool while you transit as a pedestrian or driver.

With En Camino you establish a detination and estimated time of arrival. An alert signal will be sent to our DefensorCenter and members of your SmartGroup if you do not confirm safe arrival to your destination.

SmartSpeed allows you to configure maximum speed for the driver´s in  your SmartGroup and if any member surpasses the speed, account administrations will receive a notification of the speed excess.

Your loved ones are daily exposed to situations that can put them in danger,
Protect them with SmartDefense.

24/7 real time geolocation and assistance