Monitoring Center

We take care of your business
while you are asleep.

Defensor has a reliable telecommunications infrastructure that allow us to monitor security cameras, alarm detectors, and transportation GPS tracking.
We offer immediate response through our team of security officers.

Mobile Security Apps

Defensor has three customizable security mobile Apps to meet your business and personnel’s needs.

Help at your fingertips. It includes SmartTouch with up to five emergency buttons:

  1. On My Way- An alert that will allow you to be accompanied and if it is not deactivated an automatic SOS alert will be sent.
  2. SOS- An emergency that endangers the life or physical integrity of a person.
  3.  I’m Here – It notifies your group where you are.
  4. Road Assistance – We automatically connect you with road assistance without you having to tell us your location.
  5. Medical Assistance – We coordinate the arrival of a medical response team to your exact location and provide them with important information about your medical record.

It is a mobile app specialized for security guards and employees that are required to comply with certain routes, patrols, schedules, briefings, or novelties. This app sends an auto-generated report about the daily activities.

This system monitors fleets of vehicles and industrial equipment. It registers speed, when the motor is on or off, it also sends notifications for vehicle maintenance, offers location services 24/7, among other features.

Security Consulting

Risk and vulnerability assessment, training and other services.

We also offer consulting services led by experts in strategic planning to optimize the implementation of our services even in the most complex business structures. We design the perfect solution for your business and certified security projects. We will train your personnel or customers on safety and security measures. We evaluate your safety procedures and security measures. We make suggestions and let you decide.

Provider Networks

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